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2014 -- Continuing the tradition of smaller classes and hands-on work with seminar participants
NEW: Your 4 NCCAOM Ethics PDAs are now earned when you take the
Face, neck, and abdominal course
 Upcoming Cities and Dates:
Toronto, Canada FULL - April 26,27,28 - Toronto School of TCM, Toronto Ontario
NOTE: Dr . Lucas will also be teaching Pulse Diagnosis on the 2 days prior to this Mei Zen seminar.
Denver, CO May 17,18, 19 - Mei Zen Face, Neck, and Abdominal course at Osteopathic Integrative Medicine
Tucson, AZ May 31, June 1 & 2 - Mei Zen Face, Neck, and Abdominal course at Han University
New Jersey (Allentown) July 12,13, 14 - Mei Zen Face, Neck, and Abdominal course
Sarasota, FL August 2,3,4 - Mei Zen Face, Neck, and Abdominal course
Antalya Turkey September - 6th Annual International Conference in Antalya Turkey: Learn Mei Zen, the Pulse Balance System, Dr. Lucas' Your First Fertility Choice treatment plan for couples experiencing fertility challenges, Local Food that is Herbal Medicine, and QiGong. - To register or for more information please contact Asuman Kaplan Algin at
Victoria, BC Nov. 8 & 9 - The art of healing women using TCM at Pacific Rim College

Austin, TX May 1 & 2 - FULL
Second class added on May 3 & 4
New Jersey (Allentown) July 10 & 11
acupuncture Do you want to attend the seminar that adds the most value and income to your practice?
This course is an investment not an expense. We can guarantee that it will pay for itself and more with your very first Mei Zen cosmetic acupuncture patient. Not many courses can say that. Plus, supervised practice with an expert instructor is still the best way to learn - and Dr. Lucas' courses offer that. Sign up today >Register Here.
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